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Eyelash Extensions

Tired of applying clumpy mascara with it only to smudge under your eyes by the end of the day? Want to wake up every morning feeling beautiful with the confidence to take on the day? Want to save time getting ready in the morning and wear less makeup? If you said yes to any of these, eyelash extensions are for you! Beauty by Bretton offers luxury eyelash extensions that are customized to you. Before each appointment you will be consulted for your desired look. Your lashes will be customized by length, curl, and style that best suits your facial features. Eyelash extensions need to be filled every 2-3 week for proper maintenance. If you would like to try eyelash extensions for just a special occasion or trip and don't want the upkeep no problem! You can let the extensions naturally fall off or come back after a few weeks and get them removed.

Classic Eyelashes

Young woman before and after eyelash ext

Enhance your natural lashes

Classic lashes are a great choice for those new to eyelash extensions and for those that prefer a more natural look. Classic eyelash extensions are applied using a 1:1 ratio (one extension per eyelash). They perfectly enhance your natural lashes! Say goodbye to mascara!

Hybrid Eyelashes


The perfect mix

Hybrid lashes are the perfect mix between classic and volume eyelashes. Hybrid lashes are applied using 50/50 mixture of classic lashes and handmade volume fans. This set give a beautiful textured look. Hybrid give a more dense look then classic lashes but not as much as the volume lashes. The perfect in between! Great for those with sparser lashes that will like a fuller look or those who would like a little more drama then their classic lashes. If you're thinking of upgrading from classic to hybrid, you won't regret it! This set is the most popular.

Volume Eyelashes


Giving you all the drama

Volume eyelash extensions are applied using handmade fans that consist of 2-5 lashes per fan. Since these fans are made with a finer lash, they are super lightweight! These lashes give a stunning look with more volume and a soft and fluffy finish. Although they give more volume they can also look super natural too since the fans are handmade. They can be customized to your desired look. Volume is a great choice for those with sparse, finer lashes that need to fill in gaps or those who want all the drama!

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